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Be careful of common locksmith scams in 2024

Sadly scams seem to be everywhere today and you need to be cautious to not get caught out. One of the worst is falling victim to a locksmith scam. You are trusting them to help you ensure your property will be safe. However, they could be looking to take advantage. We want to have a look at this today so you know what things to keep an eye out for in 2024. Then, if you want to hire a reliable emergency locksmith in Ilford, you can choose us. Continue reading

Trouble with a jammed lock?

No one wants to deal with a jammed lock, particularly when they are in a rush. You may be thinking you can fix the problem on your own. But this isn’t a good idea in most cases. Getting a locksmith in is usually the smarter choice. You can rely on us any time you need an emergency locksmith in Wanstead. Continue reading

Advice on securing the home

Something we all want to know is how to stop a person breaking into your home. We need to make them as secure as possible. Locksmiths like us go to hundreds of jobs. Often, we deal with the aftermath of a break in because we are the best emergency locksmith in Chigwell. As such, we have some insider knowledge you can use to make your property more secure. If you want advice on securing your home, read on. Continue reading

Take the right steps to find your keys

Emergency locksmith BarkingsideLosing your keys is annoying and it can turn into quite the hassle. It is something that can happen to anyone too. There is also a lot of anxiety and stress surrounding these situations. Usually the best thing to do is call an expert like our emergency locksmith in Barkingside. However, there are some simple tricks and tips you can use to find your keys. We are going to provide some practical advice here. It will help you find your lost keys in multiple situations. Continue reading

Identifying locks for insurance

One important topic that relates to locks is insurance. When you choose a policy for your home, you’ll often have to answer a series of questions. Among them may be one asking what locks you currently have. What a lot of individuals don’t know is that the kind of lock on your doors can dictate whether you meet the terms and conditions of your policy. It is also able to influence your home’s insurance premium. We want to have a look at that here, then if you need to upgrade, you can call the best emergency locksmith in Romford. Continue reading

Sash window locks and how they work

The sash window is one of Britain’s architectural mainstays. They add elegance and style to buildings, something that lasts for generations. The windows will only work when maintained though. So, if something goes wrong with the locks, the window cannot do its job. What we are going to do here is discuss how the locks work and what you should do if you lose your key. Then, if you need help from an emergency locksmith in Wanstead, you can call us. Continue reading

Two reasons why you shouldn’t replace your own locks

Tutorials exist on the internet that offer instructions for DIY door lock replacements. However, it is unwise to use them in your own efforts to replace the locks. What you need to do instead is team up with professionals like ourselves. In this post, we are going to discuss the two most important reasons why it is the case. Then you can choose us if you need an emergency locksmith in Romford. Continue reading