Where are the safest places to park my car?

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Do you ever worry about your car’s safety when you leave it alone? Safeguarding your vehicle is crucial in stopping the worst case scenario, a theft. So, whether you are going on holiday or leaving it overnight, there are many precautions you can take to enhance the security of your car.

The garage

Emergency locksmith ChigwellOne option you have is parking your car in the garage. This will help to defend it from criminals, lowering the chances of theft. They won’t be able to physically get to it if you can securely lock it away.

In addition, there are other benefits to the actual car if you use the garage. They will help you sell it in future. One of them is weather protection. It can minimise the rate of damage from the sun, rain, wind, and other elements. It will protect the paintwork, metal components, and even the interior.

Another advantage is the lower insurance premiums. If you’re parking your car in your personal garage, it won’t cost as much to insure it. This is because the garage is more secure.

Last but not least, keeping the vehicle in your garage reduces the danger of burglary. They won’t be able to reach it so there shouldn’t be a chance they can break in to steal anything.

The driveway

Another option for enhancing your car’s security, if you can’t use a garage, is to park on the driveway. This is the most common parking spot for car owners. It is a more secure option than leaving the vehicle on the road. That being said, there are precautions you should take to ensure the car’s safety.

Something you’ll want to do is park in front of a window. This will let you see the vehicle from inside your property. You can keep your eyes on it. Think about installing motion sensor lights too. They will alert you to movement in the driveway so you can detect suspicious activity. Also, the lights may well deter criminals.

Park as near to your property as possible as well. The closer you pull up to the structure, the less attractive a burglar will find the situation. Let us know if you require the help of the greatest emergency locksmith Chigwell has.


These are a wonderful way for you to keep your vehicle safe by shielding it from the natural elements. They provide robust overhead protection from the elements similar to what you get with a garage.

In addition, the carport will likely be directly on your property. This is important as criminals will probably conclude that attempting to steal it or break in would be too risky.

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