Advice on securing the home

Something we all want to know is how to stop a person breaking into your home. We need to make them as secure as possible. Locksmiths like us go to hundreds of jobs. Often, we deal with the aftermath of a break in because we are the best emergency locksmith in Chigwell. As such, we have some insider knowledge you can use to make your property more secure. If you want advice on securing your home, read on.

Someone is in

Emergency locksmith ChigwellOne thing you should do is make it look like someone is the property. Burglars rarely break into houses they believe are occupied. Most criminals prefer to be in and out with as little trouble as possible. If they believe there are occupants inside, they won’t be as likely to break in.

There are some ways you can make it look like there is someone in even when they aren’t. A good place to start would be having lamps on timers. For individuals who are away a lot, there are certain devices you can use to mimic activity. Electric curtain runners are a good idea because they will open and close at different times.

In addition, you should avoid things that make it look like there isn’t anyone home. If you have newspapers or milk deliveries, put everything on hold while you are away. Build-ups of post or milk tell burglars all they need to know.

Camera trickery

Another smart idea would be making it look like you have a security camera. Burglars don’t want to be caught. If they spot cameras, or signs there is some around, they are not as likely to break in. The estimate is that more than 60% of thieves will pick another target if one home has an alarm or camera system.

You can find lots of cameras for reasonable prices. Moreover, there are high tech ones you can access from anywhere. If you are on a limited budget though, you can buy dummy cameras or a camera sign. Talk to us if you need the foremost emergency locksmith Chigwell has.

Where to leave your keys?

As for your keys, you should never leave them right beside the front door. One technique that has seen a rise is known as ‘fishing’. Here, a burglar takes a long piece of wire and puts it through your letterbox. The goal is grabbing your house or car keys if they are within reach. They will then enter your home or make off with your vehicle.

The fire brigade does still advise you have your keys somewhere near the front door for emergencies. For the best of both worlds, you can install a letterbox guard. Or, you could place a separate post box on your wall and not have a letterbox in your door. You can keep your keys close to the door but eradicate the danger of fishing.

Anti-snap locks

A common burglary technique is ‘lock snapping’. Here, a burglar will try breaking the lock’s Euro cylinder. They can then manipulate it to open the door. Luckily, anti-snap locks exist. There are some options that can resist forceful attempts to break them. Others will break in a particular place to ensure the mechanism will remain hidden.

Everything works

Finally, you should ensure your door and its lock are in great working order. When we go on jobs, the client will sometimes say that their lock has been playing up for a while and they have been meaning to get it fixed. Like we said before, burglars want to be in and out as fast as possible. If your door isn’t locking properly, a burglar could get in easily. A working door will put up a fight to being opened without a key. Older ones won’t do so good. Not only this, but a broken door can invalidate your insurance.

A fast but careful emergency locksmith in Chigwell

At Locksmith Expert, we work quickly but carefully when we anyone calls us for a job. You will be able to access your property again in good time if you’ve been locked out. Also, you will receive the highest level of service for a fantastic price. We can even provide advice on avoiding problems in the future.

So, please let us know if you need the greatest emergency locksmith in Chigwell. We are available around the clock whenever you need us.