Trouble with a jammed lock?

No one wants to deal with a jammed lock, particularly when they are in a rush. You may be thinking you can fix the problem on your own. But this isn’t a good idea in most cases. Getting a locksmith in is usually the smarter choice. You can rely on us any time you need an emergency locksmith in Wanstead.

The lock might be jamming because of issues on the outside or inside. Whatever the case, the advice we have below can help in any situation. Carry on reading to find out more.

Lubricate the keyhole

Emergency locksmith WansteadIf your door lock is jammed and the key won’t turn, lubricate the keyhole. This can work to loosen any debris that is inside. An important note here is that you shouldn’t use the standard WD40. Instead, opt for a graphite powder.

For jammed keys in the lock, you need to take a delicate approach. You must do this to ensure the key doesn’t snap. Similar to above, you are able to spray lubricant into your lock around your key. Afterwards, wriggle it around very gently to see if you’re able to prise it free.

Try the handle

Something else you can do here is jiggle the door handle. This might sound simple, and a bit silly. Yet, it is one of the leading ways of opening a jammed lock. You can attempt to move the door handle up and down whilst pulling or pushing. Which one will depend on the side. Such action can get the mechanism back into alignment, enabling you to get out and in.

This approach is safe so long as you don’t use too much force. Banging, kicking, or slamming your door will result in damage and you may break it. Do your best to concentrate on the handle. Pull it up, down, and side to side whilst you carefully jiggle the door. Speak to us if you need the foremost emergency locksmith Wanstead has.

The hair pin

In the movies, you’ve seen people take a hair pin out and insert it into the lock. They wriggle it around and presto, the door opens. You may “technically” be able to open a door using like this, but it is unlikely. That is especially true if there is something broken inside. What’s more, you could be doing more harm than good. We could say similar things about credit cards.

Why does jamming happen?

Let’s have a look at why your door would jam in the first place. One cause is faulty installation. This reason is the most common. With doors, you must install them with precision. If anything is slightly off, your door can jam. If you have a door that jams a lot, you can look at realigning it.

Even slight shifts in the foundation can influence your doors and windows. Sometimes it is all it takes to stop them working properly. If this is what you’re up against, it won’t be an easy fix. You will need to repair the entire foundation. Your doors and windows will need refitting to prevent jamming.

The last cause we will cover is obstructions. It may seem obvious, but debris around your door can lead to it jamming. Look for dirt and dust within the lock and around the hinges. Cleaning your door and its frame frequently can stop it from having issues. Turn it into part of your cleaning routine to increase the lock’s longevity.

We’re quick and efficient when you need an emergency locksmith in Wanstead

At Locksmith Expert, we respond to every call quickly. We aim to be with you in less than 30 minutes. Also, we always keep a wide array of tools on hand. This combined with our knowledge of locks allows us to take care of all kinds of jobs.

So, if you need the most skilled emergency locksmith Wanstead has, talk to us. We’re available at all hours.