Be proactive to prevent key problems

In many cases problems with locks and keys seem to appear suddenly. One day you may go to open a door and the key gets stuck or the lock won’t disengage. However, it is more likely that the issue has been developing for some time. In fact, if you are proactive you could prevent a number of lock and key problems. We want to have a look at this today, then if you need an emergency locksmith in Romford, you can trust us.

Common problems

Emergency locksmith RomfordOne issue you could have is a key getting stuck in the lock because of warping. Over time keys can bend, especially if you are too aggressive when using them. If they warp too much, you may find they stick and won’t work anymore.

The warping can also lead to another potential issue. What could happen is the key breaks off in the lock as you try to turn it. As a key warps, it will also weaken. So, eventually it might snap completely.

Sometimes keys will get stuck in locks through no fault of their own. The cause here is dirt and debris within the lock itself. It can make the key stick so you are unable to remove it.

What to do?

As we said above, you can be proactive to prevent these key problems. If you are really good with this, it can reduce the risk of issues and needing to find an emergency locksmith in Romford.

Firstly, keep an eye on your keys to monitor warping. A little shouldn’t cause an issue. However, older ones and those you use on a regular basis experience more wear and tear. Check every now and again to make sure they are flat and straight. If they are warping, change to a new key.

Dirt and debris can accumulate in locks over time. Whenever you insert a key you can force it inside and compact it. The proactive thing to do here is clean your locks regularly. As part of this, lubricating them with dry lubricant can be really useful. It can help to get rid of dirt and gunk in the lock. Plus, it reduces wear and tear from sliding the key in and out.

It is also a good idea to keep an eye on the lock itself. Make sure it is in good condition and doesn’t become loose. Get any issues fixed before you have worse problems like keys sticking or breaking.

Finally, make sure you monitor the age of your lock and consider upgrades. Locksmiths generally suggest you should change any door locks that are over 10 years old. However, some styles can last much longer, especially deadbolts. If you have regular issues with keys, it may even be a good idea to look at modern keyless alternatives.

Do you need help from an emergency locksmith in Romford?

Locksmith Expert is happy to help if you have any issues with keys and locks. We have skilful experts, including Yale Doormaster locksmiths. Whatever type of property it is, from homes to commercial buildings, we can provide solutions if keys stick or break in the lock, or if the locks are not working.

So, rely on us 24/7 if you need an emergency locksmith in Romford. We’ll be available whenever an issue occurs to give you the best solutions.