Bump keys explained

One type of keys you need to know about in the lock field is the bump key. What we have here is a kind of lock-picking tool that has become popular among thieves. It is important to understand them and how they function. What we are going to do here is explain all the essentials. We’ll go over the history, mechanisms, and how one uses them for lock picking. Then, if you ever need an emergency locksmith in Barkingside, you can speak to us.

Why were they developed?

Emergency locksmith BarkingsideOriginally, the bump key was made as a way for locksmiths to open doors and locks. We could do so on ones that had broken or missing keys. This is a practice we refer to as “lock bumping”. It consists of using a specially cut key you can insert into a lock. You then “bump” it using a hammer to unlock the door. The key is meant to fit all pin tumbler locks. These are the most common kind of lock in businesses and homes.

Sadly, using bump keys is something that has become more popular among criminals. This is due to both how easy they are to use and their availability online. Anyone with an internet connection can purchase them. So, they are an attractive option for burglars looking for fast access to buildings without needing to pick locks.

There are some possible security implications linked with the use of these keys. Homeowners need to be aware of them. Speak to us if you need advice from the finest emergency locksmith in Barkingside.

Differences between lock picking and bump keys

There is a big difference between standard lock picking and using bump keys. To pick a lock, you need to get every pin into the right position to unlock a door. With bump keys though, you only need one key that fits every pin to unlock the lock. This makes it considerably easier for burglars to get access to houses without needing to mess around with all the pins.

Expert locksmiths like ourselves use bump keys too. The difference though is that we follow different procedures to what criminals do. Our approach is to inspect a property before trying to open any locks with the key. The goal is to ensure we won’t damage anything. We may need more advanced methods to open the lock instead of simply using a bump key.

Moreover, professionals like us take further steps. They include changing the current locks after opening them with the bump key. We do this to address any possible security risks due to their use. We can also decide whether you need to take more security measures. These can include deadbolts or other kinds of high security locks.

A fully equipped emergency locksmith in Barkingside

At Locksmith Expert, we always carry an extensive list of tools on us. This allows us to tackle a wide range of issues. Also, the team aims to be with its clients as quickly as possible. After you contact us, we will do our best to arrive in less than half an hour.

So if you find yourself needing the most reliable emergency locksmith in Barkingside, talk to us. We’re available at any time of day or night.