Identifying locks for insurance

One important topic that relates to locks is insurance. When you choose a policy for your home, you’ll often have to answer a series of questions. Among them may be one asking what locks you currently have. What a lot of individuals don’t know is that the kind of lock on your doors can dictate whether you meet the terms and conditions of your policy. It is also able to influence your home’s insurance premium. We want to have a look at that here, then if you need to upgrade, you can call the best emergency locksmith in Romford.

Emergency locksmith RomfordNot every lock will be acceptable with insurers. Due to this fact, it is vital to ensure your house has the right ones. Otherwise, there will be a danger that you invalidate any home insurance. Let’s say that your locks don’t fit with the policy your insurance provider provides. Alternatively, it might not be the same as the one you listed back when you signed up. In both cases, there will be a danger of them not being able to cover you in the event your locks are damaged or broken when there is a break-in.

Now that we’ve talked about locks and insurance, let’s discuss some locks approved by insurers. These are ones you should consider to ensure you have the right coverage. We will go over how you can identify them too.

Five-lever mortice locks

This design has a decent standard of security. The more levers your mortice lock comes with, the better the security. Certain insurers will want you to own a five-lever mortice lock that meets approved British Standards. An example would be a BS 3621 lock.

It is not difficult to identify this kind of lock. You’re able to lock and unlock them from inside and outside with a key. Also, they are primarily installed on wooden doors. You will find a faceplate stamp on the lock that has the British Standard logo or BS 3621. Tell us if you need the best emergency locksmith Romford has.


Another approved lock is the multi-point locking system. These are highly secure locks that minimise the chance of burglaries. One thing to note is that the SS312 Diamond approved cylinders will likely fit the insurance needs for your property.

It is normal to find these locks on composite doors and uPVC doors. Saying this, it’s not unheard of to have them on wooden doors. Look for a strip running down the side of your door. The mechanism means you have to turn your handle up to engage locking hooks that secure into the frame.

Night latches

The British Standard night latch supplies maximum security. It often adheres to BS 3621 for insurance needs. When you shut the door, an auto deadlocking happens. Moreover, there is an anti-drill feature that safeguards against forced entry. The majority of insurance providers prefer to have the night latch alongside another door lock as an extra security measure.

Smart lock

Last on our list is the smart lock. These locks link to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can lock and unlock your door with the touch of a button on your phone. Or, you can use voice recognition. There is no need for keys. For a smart lock to have insurance coverage, you must connect it to a door cylinder that is also covered by your insurer. An example would be a five-lever mortice lock.

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