There are keys everywhere

Emergency locksmith IlfordThere will be times when your locks malfunction. This can leave you in a less than desirable situation. Fortunately, our team is available to help whenever you need it. We offer a locksmith service that operates 24/7. Regardless of the time your problem happens, we can send out the top emergency locksmith Ilford has to rectify it.

In the world of locks, there are many keys to open different ones. They are used for both properties and cars. The sheer number of them can cause confusion for people though. As a result, it is essential that you familiarise yourself with the locks and keys you are dealing with. This will make it easier for you to solve any problems you have in the future. That being said, let’s look at some here.

Cylinder keys

As the name implies, these are designed to unlock and lock cylinder locks. This particular lock profile is famous because of the security and protection on offer. You can use them on garages, sheds, doors, and the like. Each cylinder comes with its own set of keys distinct to it, thus making them very secure.

Mortice keys

There are two primary kinds of mortice locks. These are deadlocks and sashlocks, both working in different manners. Usually, we use them on exterior doors to guarantee maximum security. Additionally, you can use them on interior doors so you can control who gains access to particular sections of the building. Talk to us if you need help from the most talented emergency locksmith Ilford has.

Padlock keys

Padlocks are detachable and need a unique key to open. They tend to be smaller, and you usually get two with each padlock. They are popular since you can use them in a host of ways to prevent unauthorised use or thefts. Usually, you can find them safeguarding an outbuilding or shed. As for the actual padlock, it tends to have a U-shaped bar. It can protect against harm, vandalism, and theft.

Safe keys

There are three styles here:

  • Chubb-style keys with a long cylindrical stem
  • Side-cut keys that have a flat design
  • Tubular keys with hollow cylinders that have cuts around the edge

As with most keys, you need an experienced locksmith to cut safe keys. They are basically back-ups for attempting to unlock safes. You can use them in the event the safe’s keypad does not work.

Tubular keys

These locks have some similarities to cylinder ones. The principal ones are the cylindrical shape and a round key lock. Tubular locks and their keys are often thought of as safer because of their resistance to breakage. You can use the locks in all sorts of ways. Examples include bicycles, ATMs, vending and washing machines, and elevators.

We know what we are doing if you need an emergency locksmith in Ilford

At Locksmith Expert, we have an extensive knowledge of locks and the keys that come with them. Also, we always have a huge array of tools on hand to tackle the problems that develop here. They enable us to work quickly as well. We’ll make sure you are not left standing around for long.

So, if you need aid from the finest emergency locksmith Ilford has, let us know. We’re available around the clock for your peace of mind.