Sash window locks and how they work

The sash window is one of Britain’s architectural mainstays. They add elegance and style to buildings, something that lasts for generations. The windows will only work when maintained though. So, if something goes wrong with the locks, the window cannot do its job. What we are going to do here is discuss how the locks work and what you should do if you lose your key. Then, if you need help from an emergency locksmith in Wanstead, you can call us.

How do these locks work?

Emergency locksmith WansteadSash window security is very important. Regardless of what product you use, it should come in a non-locking and locking version. The locks of sash windows function independently from sash fasteners. They effectively prevent the windows from opening from the outside. Locks here get fitted onto a vertical sliding sash. It is possible to fit them regardless of whether the frame is aluminium, uPVC, timber, or other materials.

The locks for sashes differ from what you’d find on a classic casement window. Since the sash slides open vertically, the lock doesn’t function as a handle. All it does is stop the sash from being opened from the outside. You must slide the lock up to open the window. The casement window possesses hinges that enable the window to swing open. As such, the locks work as a handle too.

Two types of locks

There are two primary types of sash window locks. They either come with bolts that need extracting like you would with dual screws or protruding bolts you can move with a key. The dual screws option will fit the majority of windows, providing more security. This variety of lock bolts through the bottom and top sashes to stop the window from opening. Next, the bolt gets removed using a key that comes with the lock to allow you to open the window.

The dual screws will lock your sashes in position to stop them from sliding. This will happen even with a compromised fastener. Full bolts are more expensive but offer more protection. Whatever you choose, it is a good idea to get services from the leading emergency locksmith in Wanstead to handle the installation and any other jobs.

Losing the key

Now, let’s discuss what you should do if you lose the key for your window’s lock. It is a good idea to ensure you know what steps to take if it did happen.

Sash stops are installed on the window’s upper rail, with a small plate being fitted to the lower rail. This allows you to lock the window in an open position for ventilation. You need a small key for the locking mechanism. This ensures they are childproof as well as burglarproof. However, it means losing the key is a massive concern. You will likely need to contact a locksmith. Otherwise, you risk damaging the mechanism or window.

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