What is a 5 lever mortice lock?

It is essential that you pick the right door locks for your property. Only then can it be as secure as possible. We can help with this, especially if you need the best emergency locksmith in Chigwell. Our knowledge is extensive, covering a huge array of different styles of lock.

The design we want to concentrate on here is the 5 lever mortice lock. This is one of the most popular designs on the market and it goes well with wooden doors. Read on if you wish to find out more.

The mortice lock

Emergency locksmith ChigwellTo start with, we’re going to explain what this kind of lock is. The name describes how you install them in your door, rather than a function or how you operate one. A mortice is a recess or pocket cut into the leading edge of a metal or timber door. So, the lock will fit into it instead of being surface mounted. After fitting, the forend will be the sole visible area. You can see it when the door is in the open position.

You can find mortice lock cases with a plethora of functions. For domestic exterior doors, the most common would be insurance rated 5 lever deadlocks and 5 lever sashlocks. The latter is a mortice design that merges a beveled latch and key-operated deadbolt.

With interior non-locking doors, you will usually encounter a latch. It is a beveled, spring-loaded bolt that holds the door in its closed position. This is often operated by a pair of knobs or door handles. If you need help from the finest emergency locksmith Chigwell has, come to us.

The 5 lever design

This is a secure model most common on wooden doors. You operate it using a key from both the outside and inside. When using them for external doors, it is critical that they conform to British Standards. This ensures they have had testing against burglary strategies.

You work these locks by turning a key from either the outside or inside of your door. When you do so, the 5 lever lock components move into unlocked/locked positions. These either open or lock the door. As the name implies, 5 parallel levers exist in the mechanism. When locked, they bolt across the top.

The lock’s security

You are probably wondering how secure these locks are as well. A 5 lever mortice lock that adheres to British Standards (BS3621) is extremely reliable. Due to the five levers, it is far trickier to replicate keys. This is if you compare to a 3 lever version.

In addition, secure 5 lever models tend to come with hard plates. These are responsible for stopping drilling. That is one of the more widely employed burglary tactics, so it is great to have protection against it.

Identifying your lock

To finish, we will go over how you can spot one of these 5 lever locks. As we said earlier, you typically find them on wooden doors. The locks also open with a key, both externally and internally. The lock will be situated in your door, so you won’t find them on the surface.

Lastly, there is the faceplate stamp. It should have the words ‘5 lever’. If it’s of the British Standard, BS3621 or the logo will also feature.

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