Everything you need to know about tubular locks and keys

People often get themselves locked out of their properties. In some instances, it will happen at the worst times of the day or night. What you need if this happens is an expert that offers a 24/7 service. That’s what we are here to provide. When you call us, we send the leading emergency locksmith in Barkingside to help resolve the issue.

One of the interesting things about locksmithing is there are so many different lock and key styles. We want to look specifically at tubular ones today to give you some useful insights.

What is a tubular lock?

Emergency locksmith BarkingsideThis style of lock is where there is a myriad of pins in a circular fashion. The matching key comes in a cylindrical or tubular shape. It utilises a basic pin tumbler system, but there are a few distinctions. The shape of the key is open and circular in the centre. Also, there are grooves cut into the exterior.

Tubular locks and their keys are great for business owners aiming to secure their valuables. Additionally, they aid with vandalism and theft prevention. It is the same with public safety and protection from building and machine entrance. The locks are compact variants of mortice style ones. They are cost efficient too, making them viable for door and home use.

How do they work?

Let’s look more closely at how these locks function. The key is circular and comes with a ring-shaped hole. Also, there is a metal cylinder that surrounds it in the middle. With the pins, they get pushed in horizontally to the lock. This compares to the normal pin and tumbler system where you move key pins vertically.

The key’s notch should correspond to fit the similarly shaped hole present in the door’s keyway. These will need to line up to permit insertion. After the key goes into the keyhole, the pins get depressed in the right path.

The lock’s design

As for the design of a tubular lock, it’s like the pin tumbler lock. The key possesses notches around every edge. They depress a pin inside the lock to a specific height, which enables the cylinder to turn. With the driver and key pins, they push towards the front of your lock. It prevents the plug from rotating around.

Once you fit the key properly into the gaps between the driver and key pins, it will depress the latter. That will align them with the shear plane and indentations, separating the plug from its external casing. Only then will the lock be able to turn. Contact us if you’re in need of the foremost emergency locksmith Barkingside has.

Are the locks secure?

They are some of the most secure locks you can choose. As a result, they are great for securing doors and houses. You are free to add an individual deadbolt to the lock for security. Tubular deadbolts come with a hardened steel pin inside the bolt. This stops individuals from drilling down on it.

These locks are also very good for emergencies. The design enables quick exits and access when something is wrong. This is because the emergency mechanism is on the door’s interior and has a longer protective plate.

Another fact is that they are available with a key in knob design too. Or, they could have a leaver function without or with an emergency system. This makes them a wonderful choice for mechanical rooms or storage areas where a deadbolt isn’t necessary. The degree of security on offer here is considerable.

Opening the lock without a key

If you’re wondering whether it is possible to open a tubular lock without a key, it is very difficult. For those that have lost their keys, it is best to contact a locksmith. They will be able to find a solution to open the door.

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