Two reasons why you shouldn’t replace your own locks

Tutorials exist on the internet that offer instructions for DIY door lock replacements. However, it is unwise to use them in your own efforts to replace the locks. What you need to do instead is team up with professionals like ourselves. In this post, we are going to discuss the two most important reasons why it is the case. Then you can choose us if you need an emergency locksmith in Romford.

We get things done quickly

Emergency locksmith RomfordFirstly, us locksmiths are trained to do this sort of work rapidly. After viewing a few lock pick tutorials, you may think the process is straightforward. You probably believe it won’t take much time. The reason why everything looks easy online is that the people demonstrating understand how locks work. They’ll have likely done all this a thousand times in the past. You’ve probably never replaced a door lock in your life. Also, you might not have much time to do the work. As a result, you should contact a locksmith as they can do things quicker than you can.

Experienced and knowledgeable professionals like us won’t make the same mistakes you easily could. You’d need to spend even more time on the job if issues happen. One recurring thing that DIYers encounter is misaligning the lock and strike plate. It can lead to you needing to remove the newly-installed lock to overcome the problem.

Moreover, you’ll probably need to put your tools down repeatedly to look at the video again. You might need a particular piece of information, like how to properly align the lock components. A locksmith that’s done this many times already will whiz through each step. They’ll get the locks ready in a fraction of the time you could. Go for a professional service if you want things done right and swiftly. Speak to us if you need the top emergency locksmith Romford has.

Damage to door frames and useless locks

The second reason is that you can damage your door frame, leaving your new locks useless. The new lock you want to fit could have a bigger strike plate than the old one. In this case, you’ll have to extend the hole’s size. If you haven’t done it previously, you can damage your door frame and ruin the new lock.

When attempting to enlarge the strike plate hole, you can chip away at too much of the material or take out a massive chunk. This will leave you with a visibly damaged part of the frame. What’s more, neither the old, small plate or the larger, newer one will fit into the hole. The result can be you either trying to repair the frame or replace it. In the meantime, it won’t be possible to fit any locks.

Should a locksmith work on the strike plate hole for you, they’ll do so with care. Not to mention, we’ll use specialist tools to do it. The result will be the opening being extended so it’s a precise fit for your new strike plate. Most significantly, we won’t cause any unnecessary damage on your door frame. We’ll check that the new lock works correctly too.

We won’t leave you waiting long when you need an emergency locksmith in Romford

At Locksmith Expert, we respond to all our calls quickly. After we receive word from a client, we make our way to them in less than thirty minutes. You won’t have to spend much time dealing with lock problems.

So, if you need the leading emergency locksmith Romford has, you’re welcome to contact us anytime. We’ll give you the best service every time.