Keep on top of your Christmas security

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The most wonderful time of year, Christmas, is nearly here once again. It is also a time where everyone has to be more vigilant about their home security. It may not surprise you to hear that the level of burglaries spikes when the festive days arrive. As a result, we have several Christmas security tips to share with you.

Hide the valuables

Start by hiding things away. You should not really leave your valuables in sight of your windows at any time of year. Similarly, it is preferable to put off placing all your presents under the tree for everyone to see. It is understandable that some individuals will want to show their expert wrapping skills off. However, the ideal time to put everything under the tree is the night before Christmas. Burglars operate by spending as little time in a house as possible. If you hide the gifts well enough, it is likely they won’t find them at all.

The social media problem

We also suggest keeping quiet on social media. Posting pictures of our homes is something a lot of people do. But a lot of times you can reveal too much on Instagram and Facebook. If you are planning on showing off your presents, ensure your privacy settings are right. You don’t want to accidentally be advertising to potential burglars that your home is full of new expensive things to steal.

Close the doors

Last but not least, don’t leave the door open for Father Christmas. It is probably something you hear a lot of the time. That being said, it is integral for you to lock all of your doors. Do this regardless of whether you are heading out or just spending time at home.

The majority of burglaries are opportunistic. If you leave a door open, a burglar won’t think twice about going inside and grabbing what they can. Furthermore, whenever a burglar does enter through an open door, you will find your home insurance policy is invalid. Stay safe and lock your doors.

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