What British Standards mean for your locks

Owning a property comes with responsibilities like ensuring it is secure. This takes the help of expert services when you need work completing on your locks. Luckily we are the emergency locksmith Barkingside trusts for premier work.

A lot of people will not know how to measure the quality of a lock or will guess by the price and packaging. There is a smarter way to do this though. You can check the lock for the different British Standards, or discuss it with your locksmith.

What It Means

emergency locksmith BarkingsideThe British Standards Institution (BSI) produces the quality standards. Locks only meet them after undergoing testing at the hands of experts. They act as a way for buyers to understand their quality and suitability of use.

You should know about these standards so that you can give yourself peace of mind. In addition to this, they are essential for numerous insurance policies. Some providers will give you a discount or it might invalidate your cover if you do not have locks with the right standard.

In addition to a BSI Kitemark, they can also have a number. This will indicate the standard that it has met.


This is the standard you are most likely to find. It is often found on entry doors for homes as well as back doors. These are vulnerable to people attempting to break-in so they need to be secure. This standard helps you identify a lock that will be more resistant to attempts to break in, including lock tampering.


This standard applies mainly to locks that you cannot work from the inside. You are likely to see this lock in use on a property for a business. You can use it to secure the building when you are the last one out. This way if someone was to gain entry such as through breaking a window, they won’t be able to use the door to get out.


Locks for flats are more likely to use this standard. It is typically found on ones where you use a key to enter and turn it when exiting. BS8621 compliance means that you can use it as an emergency exit where people do not need a key to get out but it is secure.

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