What to do and not to do when you lock your keys in the car

People frequently find themselves locked out of their properties and vehicles. Often, it will occur at a less than favourable time. Knowing that, we offer a locksmith service that is available on a 24/7 basis. When someone calls us, we send the most skilful emergency locksmith Ilford has to rectify the problem.

One of the easiest mistakes you can make is locking your keys inside the car. This situation isn’t the simplest to overcome. Chances are that your house keys will be on the ring that is in the vehicle too. So, it is vital for you to find some way of getting them out. In this post, we will be looking at the steps you should and shouldn’t take here.

Never break in

To start with, you should not break into the vehicle. Don’t attempt to force the door or lock either, as you could damage something. Not to mention, it is dangerous trying to break a window. You could hurt yourself or someone else. In addition, if you break the lock or window, you will have to cough up the money for repairs. Furthermore, such action can invalidate your insurance, leaving you unable to claim.

Should you call the police?

Emergency locksmith IlfordWhen you lock keys inside your car, it is normally advised that you don’t call 999. This is because the situation is not an emergency. It is better to call a locksmith or try to find a spare key.

However, it may be an especially cold or hot day with someone vulnerable still in the vehicle. In this situation, you might need to call the police. You must use your judgement to decide how serious it is. If you believe there is danger to health or life, call 999 for help. You should also call if your car is stuck in a dangerous position.

Should you contact your insurance provider?

Again this isn’t the best solution. There is not much they will be able to do to help in most cases. However, you may possess ‘key cover’ as part of your car insurance policy. If so, you can call them since they could provide a replacement. Some policies will also cover the cost of the locksmith and any lock repairs.

Roadside help

As for roadside assistance, you might be a member of a company like the RAC or AA. If you are, you may be able to reach them to get help. They will make attempts to unlock your car and access it without damaging anything. In several cases though, they won’t be able to gain entry.

Call an emergency locksmith in Ilford

You should definitely call a locksmith if you find yourself in a situation like this. It is the most effective way of overcoming the problem. Many locksmiths have the training and equipment to open your car without a key. They should have the means to gain access without causing damage and bring your keys to you.

What you will need to do here is provide specific information about your car. That includes the model and make, how old it is, and where the keys are. This is because there are different techniques to get inside older cars.

At Locksmith Expert, we respond to all calls rapidly, at any time of night or day. We are happy to help in any situation too, whether it is lost keys or a broken lock. We have a wide range of tools to overcome these situations.

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