Replace your locks in these situations

If you are someone that needs fully accredited locksmith services, we have you covered. We are here to unlock all your problems in an efficient but friendly manner. When you work with the best emergency locksmith Wanstead has, we will be with you quickly too. In addition, we cover all types of buildings, including commercial and private.

Being professional locksmiths, we get a lot of questions. In many instances, people ask about the circumstances under which you should replace locks. There are actually many reasons why property owners should do it. We are going to go over some of them in this post.

A low quality lock

Emergency locksmith WansteadThe first reason why someone would replace a lock is if there was a low quality model on an exterior door. This is one of the most important reasons. Lacklustre locks are a danger to you and your building. They make it easy for intruders to make their way in.

Locks meeting the British Standard BS3621 are must-haves for every final exit door you have. This means the back and front doors, as well as any at the side or on a conservatory.

The lock standard is typically a necessity for home insurance policies too. To meet the standard, your lock must be able to endure bolt or drill attacks for a minimum of five minutes. Additionally, they need to have extra protection against picking.

End of tenancy

Another reason why a person should replace their locks is because a tenancy has just come to an end. If you are a landlord it makes sense to change them. This is especially true if it ended on negative terms. What’s more, it permits you to control the amount of keys to your property that are in circulation.

Building work

It would also be wise to replace your locks after building work. Major property renovations typically demand many tradesmen have access to your property. In some cases you may not be present, so you give them keys. Even though most tradesmen will be entirely trustworthy and honest, there is always a risk. A dodgy sub-contractor may get their hands on your keys, passing them on afterwards. For a small extra cost, a few new locks could offer you security and peace of mind.

A divorce or separation

If you recently had a separation or divorce, you should consider replacing the locks. Similar to tenancies, sometimes relationships don’t end smoothly. Emotions can be all over the place. At times, it can be mandatory to restrict access to your structure. Prior to moving forward and having us replace the locks, talk to your solicitor. We need to ensure that your actions are within the law. Get in touch with us if you need the top emergency locksmith Wanstead has.


Replacing locks following a break-in or an attempt is definitely something you need to do. Break-ins are both traumatic and potentially very costly. Even an attempt can cause issues like door or window damage.

Your intruders may have entered by picking the lock. If they did, this is a clear indicator that your current locks are not sufficient. Replace them ASAP.

In addition, an intruder could have found their way in through an open door or window. While they were looking around, they might have taken a set of house keys. This will provide them with easy access whenever they require it. To add salt to the wound, it will leave you without cover in your home insurance policy if they break in with your keys.

Is it working properly?

The last reason we will go over is having a lock that is difficult to work or jams. Locks come with moving components, making them vulnerable to wear and tear. Stiffness or jamming is a sign that something is wrong with the locking mechanism. It could be because of a deadlock or a snib. Or, the multi-point mechanism may be at fault. No matter the circumstances, it is a smart idea to call us in to check everything. If there is something wrong, we will replace the locks. When a lock does not work properly, it doesn’t protect your property.

We’ll get you the help you need from the best emergency locksmith in Wanstead

At Locksmith Expert, we can take on a wide variety of jobs. Our team can work on locks for doors and windows, and for vehicles. This includes lorries, cars, and more. We have experience working on uPVC and wooden locks as well.

Having your locks malfunction on you on a busy or important day is the last thing you want. With our aid though, they won’t ruin everything. So, if you need the finest emergency locksmith Wanstead has, please let us know. You can call us 24/7 for fast responses.