Reinforce your car’s safety with more locks

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Vehicle safety

Emergency locksmith ChigwellSomething else that comes with locks besides a house is your vehicle. Your car could be your passion or simply a means to get around. Or it could be vital for your work. Whatever the case, security has to be at the top of your list of priorities. Having a vehicle broken into and stolen can be really awful. Utilising extra measures to keep everything safe is an excellent way of deterring would-be thieves. What we will be doing in this post is looking at how you can amplify your car’s security. Specifically, we will be examining different lock types.

Do you know how safe your car is? Vehicular crimes in the UK remain high. As such, you need to keep on top of things with the proper security measures. When inspecting your car’s security, see whether it has any anti-theft systems in place. If you believe that your car is vulnerable to criminals, you should install some extra protection.

Steering wheel locks

The steering wheel lock should definitely be one of these measures. They are an efficient and visible deterrent for criminals. In fact, they have been popular for a long time, pre-dating electronic central locking and alarms.

It is true that a criminal could bypass one of these locks with cutting tools. However, they typically want to do everything without drawing attention. A steering wheel lock is likely to put the criminal off and cause them to move on.

When looking for cars, burglars like quick and easy jobs. With a steering wheel lock in place, they won’t get that. If you park on a busy street in an area with high crime rates, these are a good investment. You just need to make sure the model you choose fits properly. Speak to us if you need help from the foremost emergency locksmith Chigwell has.

Car wheel locks

Another type of lock is a car wheel lock. This is similar to a clamp. When a piece of metal is between the wheel and the interior of the rim, your wheel can’t turn. A car isn’t usable in this state. Thus, the lock is a wonderful deterrent to criminals.

Another fact about these locks is that they are particularly useful for those parking in densely populated areas. Opportunistic car crime rears its ugly head more often here. If a criminal sees a clamp on your car, they will probably just move on.

Bonnet locks

The last type of lock we will go over is the bonnet lock. These aren’t exactly the most common kinds of locks available for car security. Saying this, they play an essential role. What they do is ensure nobody can force the bonnet open. Such gadgets are meant to keep criminals from snatching engine parts. They also prevent them from disabling any anti-theft gear, which would otherwise help them steal the motor.

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