Protecting your doors and locks from heatwaves

If you have ever found yourself locked out of your property, you have probably wanted to call a locksmith first. Not every establishment is active 24/7 however. Luckily, our business is. Not only that, but we are always ready for every job we take on. When you choose us, you are working with the leading emergency locksmith Barkingside has.

The UK has recently had heatwaves and some of the hottest days on record. There were even weather warnings in many areas because of the temperatures. When there is extreme heat, it will cause a lot of disruption in various ways. It can even affect your doors and locks. You might not have realised this though. Doors are actually capable of swelling during the summer heat, something that can result in major complications. In this article we will be talking about some of these problems.

A jammed lock

Emergency locksmith BarkingsideFirstly, we have lock jams. Extreme humidity and heat can lead to a number of materials expanding. Wood and uPVC are especially vulnerable. When this occurs, it will be easy for a lock to become trapped in a single position. Deadbolts are certainly in danger here. When your door expands, it will start putting pressure on your lock. This can prevent it from operating properly. Your locks may become difficult to use or outright inoperable.

There could be key problems as well. When you are outside during the summer, you will probably expose your keys to heat at some point. Such exposure can result in them twisting or bending. Once you return home, may find the keys are impossible to use in this state. Give us a call if you need the finest emergency locksmith Barkingside has.

How do I keep the locks safe?

If you are wondering if there are ways to protect your locks during a heatwave, the answer is yes. One thing that can help is using a door handle cover. They can protect the handle against the sun and stop it from becoming incredibly hot. This is a really good idea if you have children.

Something else you can try is installing heat reflective film. The strips shall aid in reflecting sunlight to make sure that your handle remains as cool as it can. Additionally, it assists you in protecting the lock to stop unnecessary jamming.

Lastly, you can create some shade. This should not be too difficult to do. If you block the sun, you can minimise the danger of lock damage.

What kind of door is best?

Finally, we want to talk about what kind of door is best to use in direct sunlight. You can argue that factors like practicality and budget must come into focus when picking a door. Yet, the top doors for durability in direct sunlight are either composite or aluminium doors. Both materials are famous for being incredibly durable and low maintenance. They can cope well during heatwaves.

One of the benefits here is that their colour isn’t introduced to the exterior. Instead, it is under various coatings and varnishes so it won’t fade quickly.

Fast responses from the best emergency locksmith in Barkingside

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