Key broke off in the lock? What you can do

A key breaking in a lock is quite a common occurrence even if it is also an inconvenient and irritating one. Rather than the fluid movement you are familiar with when you lock your door, you will hear a snap and find your key is now in parts. This is the last thing you want when you are on your way out the house. Don’t panic though and call us as we are the emergency locksmith Chigwell can trust.

Why did it happen?

This tends to happen when people are in a rush and aren’t as careful with their key as they usually are. Another factor is wear and tear. When you think about it, keys spend most of their time rattling around in a bag or pocket. On the other hand, it could be because of an issue with the lock itself.

Regardless of the cause, you need to address the issue immediately. The broken key can damage your lock. In addition, you won’t be able to lock or unlock the door until you resolve the issue. This is a huge hassle.

Call in help from an emergency locksmith Chugwell trusts

emergency locksmith ChigwellYou will need to call someone to pull the key out of the lock. A locksmith has the tools to do this, repair any issues with the lock, and replace it if necessary. This will help you get control over your locks again.

Note that if there is a little bit of the key sticking out, poking at it can do more harm than good by further damaging the lock. If there is enough and you can pull it out easily, you will still need to call a professional. This is to ensure there is no lock damage that caused the key to break or came about from it breaking. You then know property security is not compromised and you won’t be in this situation again soon in the future.

We attend to urgent matters 24/7, making us the emergency locksmith Chigwell can always ring for support. Contact Locksmith Expert today if you require a solution for your locks.