Information about lock bumping that you should know

Whether you are a homeowner who wants to feel safe or have a business that needs securing, you should start with locks. We can assist with these kinds of jobs and offer consistent, quality services. As a result, we are the emergency locksmith Wanstead regularly depends on.

Protect Your Locks From Bumping

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Lock bumping sounds a little bit shady and is something you need to know about so that you can protect your locks from it.

A professional locksmith makes use of a range of tools and methods in order to complete jobs. This can involve bypassing pins and tumbler locks to gain access to properties. A popular method is lock bumping.

This is a technique that uses special cut keys known as bump keys. They are able to defeat conventional pin and tumbler door locks. Someone inserts a key and strikes or bumps it with an object. This will force the pins to go to the area above the shear line for a split second and the lock will open.

This is a technique that was originally designed for bypassing the tumblers. While it is incredibly difficult to get lock picking tools, thanks to the internet there are burglars that use them for their own purposes.

Protect Against Bumping

Upgrading old and faulty locks is a simple but effective tactic. After seeking advice from an expert locksmith, you might find that you would be much better off with a higher grade lock. You might want to invest in one that offers protection against bumping. Speak to us about your options to understand which lock is best for your needs.

The locksmithing industry has come a long way; nowadays you can get your hands on various high security locks. This includes models with anti-bumping features. These will keep you and your property safe.

Only Trust A Professional Emergency Locksmith in Wanstead

You should not risk anything when it comes to securing a home or business. Only call on a locksmith with experience and a trustworthy reputation.

Lucky for you, Locksmith Expert can be there to lend a hand even when the situation is urgent. All you have to do is call us to see for yourself why we are the emergency locksmith Wanstead loves. Contact us and we would be more than happy to help however we can.