More burglars are using blowtorches to break in

Burglars will try almost anything to gain access to your home, business, or vehicle. Some will even go as far as using heavy equipment to try to get in. You need to be careful and ensure you have the right locks. We can help, whether it is by providing advice, repairs, or upgrades. In fact, we work hard to be the best locksmith Ilford can offer.


Locksmith IlfordOne method to gain entry that has become increasingly popular in the UK recently is the use of blowtorches. Burglars typically employ them to remove the handle from the door to expose the lock cylinder. They can then get a better grip on it to attempt to snap it off. Unless you have the right kind of lock, once it snaps they will be able to enter the property.

PVC doors are at the most risk here because the heat will melt the plastic handle quickly. It won’t take long before they become pliable and can be easily bent to expose the lock.

Burglars are also more likely to target doors with the wrong size locks. If they protrude too far out they can get a better grip and it is easier to break the cylinder. In some cases they won’t even need to bother using a blowtorch to remove the handle.

What to do?

The thing you need to do here is invest in snap resistant locks. While a standard lock would allow the door to open if it was snapped, these models don’t. Instead the door will remain locked and you will need a locksmith to come and open it.

Sadly there is no way to stop the incident itself from happening other than trying to increase security around your property. Things like lighting and cameras can act as a deterrent. However, the most brazen burglars could still try. That is why you are best with snap resistant locks that would prevent access no matter what. While you will still need door and lock repairs/replacement, the thieves won’t be able to take anything from the property.

Choose a reliable locksmith in Ilford

If you have concerns about the type of lock you have and the risk of burglary, we can help. It is always wise to get a professional locksmith service. DIY is possible but the risk of you choosing a lock that is too long or not durable enough is always there. Locksmiths will select the right products for you every time and install them to a very high standard.

So, why not choose the best locksmith Ilford can offer today? Locksmith Expert is a local specialist proud to support the community. Whether it is a home or business, we can give you reliable locks and much more.